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Reliable Criminal Defense
Attorney for all Tennesseans

Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting For

Your Rights

Criminal Defense

Our practice has the resources and knowledge necessary to fight fiercely for your rights while maintaining a level of individualized attention that’s unmatched with other criminal defense lawyers.

Personal Injury

Our capable personal injury attorneys will expertly guide you through your case while answering all of your questions in a clear and timely manner.

Constitutional Law

We represent corporations, individuals and public interest groups in diverse challenges to — and defenses of — legislation and state action.

Why Choose

Waynick Law

If you have been arrested, your civil rights have been violated, or you’ve been injured by an environmental disaster, you need an attorney who can fight to help you get through it.

Life can suck at times. We understand, because we’ve been there too. That is why the Waynick Law team is ready and willing to help protect you and your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Just because something bad happened to you or you made a mistake doesn’t mean you are not protected by the law. Our team will walk you thru the process and explain your rights and options to you. We take your issues and rights seriously, because those are our rights too! That is why it’s not about billable hours or how fast we can close your case. Our team truly cares, working hard to ensure the best outcome for each of our clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney, Assault Defense Attorney, Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Dickson TN
“Thank you, Rodger Waynick, for a job well done in providing your services to me & my family!”
Nakia M.
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