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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer To Uphold Justice

Books used by Criminal Defense Lawyer for Drug Charges, Domestic Assault, Marijuana, Cannabis, and Violation of Probation in Dickson TN

You Deserve Personalized Legal Attention

Finding the right law firm to defend your freedom and future can be overwhelming. What is more, it’s hard to know which practice will truly care about your needs and concerns. Allow the experienced and caring team at Waynick Law PLLC to be your personal guide through the justice system. Our practice has the resources and knowledge necessary to fight fiercely for your rights while maintaining a level of individualized attention that’s unmatched in other practices. When you trust us with your case, expect to receive the time and expertise you deserve from a defense attorney who cares. Take the next step towards attaining justice by choosing Waynick Law.

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Our Team Aggressively Defends Your Life and Liberties

The Waynick Law defense team understands the serious impact that criminal charges can have on your life and future opportunities. While your reality may have just been turned upside down, we can help make sense of your case and your options. No matter your charge, we’re ready and able to steadily defend your rights and your word. Waynick Law PLLC also handles Criminal Defense cases in the Tennessee Courts of Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court. Entrust our qualified defense attorneys with your case and get ready to put your charges behind you.

We See Each Client as a Person

Regardless of the charges you’re facing, the Waynick Law team values you as a person: we know that misdemeanors and felonies do not define an individual. We have the experience to appreciate the intricacies and details of your case. You can enter our office knowing that you will be listened to and respected. Release the stress and anxiety you feel and count on our Criminal Defense experts to navigate the route to justice. It’s our pleasure to answer any and all questions and help usher in the next chapter of your life.

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We know that this isn’t just a case for you. It’s your life — your family — your property. We do not think about billable hours or how quickly we can close your case. We know that our representation can impact many lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. Contact us at 615-326-4529 to schedule a confidential and complimentary initial consultation with our team.
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