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What Makes Us Different

Criminal Defense Attorney

Dickson County Attorney for Drug Charges and Personal Injury

Years ago, my family was faced with a horrifying legal situation. It took everything we had to fight and prevail, but we made it. Because of that life changing event, I decided to leave my career as an architectural and engineering consultant and go to law school for Criminal Defense and Constitutional Law. While going to law school at night, I worked for a law firm in Nashville and traveled all across Tennessee defending people’s rights.

Maybe it is because of what I’ve been through or because of my engineering background, but my clients soon learned that I am a different type of lawyer … a criminal defense lawyer who listens and truly understands that it is not just a case, but someone’s life.

My engineering background certainly gave me unique skills for analyzing and solving complex problems. Having been on the “other-side-of-the-desk” as a client of an attorney gives me understanding and compassion to truly understand what my clients are going through. To me, it’s not about billable hours or how fast I can get a case closed. Whether it is a environmental disaster or a felony murder case, my representation affects many lives.

When I represent a client in a criminal defense case, to stop an environmental disaster, or to protect someone’s civil rights, I truly believe that I am representing the Constitution, the rights of the individuals, and the rights of the Community when I accept any case.”

Our team of attorneys will represent you in Dickson, TN and beyond. Whether you are working to become whole after facing cannabis or other drug charges, violation of probation, or prison time or need help during a complex environmental litigation case — my team and I will ensure that your case receives the personal attention that you deserve.